A Letter to my Baby in Heaven

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A Letter to my Baby in Heaven

By Kelly Jacobson, CPO Managing Director

Dear Sweet Baby,

I’m writing you a letter because I know it will be a long time before we meet in heaven.  I want you to know that I can’t wait to meet you.  I’ve struggled for so many years with the decision I made that ended your life way to soon.  I am so sorry.  I know you must forgive me as you are in heaven with Jesus and you can only feel joy and love.  It’s been hard for me to forgive myself and the other people who were involved at the time.  I wish I had been a better mother and had fought for you.  I wish the doctors and nurses had been more honest with me.  I suppose they believed that they were helping me, I hope.  I hope it wasn’t all about money.  I wish my parents and friends had known what they were encouraging me to do was not “an easy fix”.  I wish your dad had been a better man.  But it’s all in the past.  I know you are in a beautiful place, and we will be together someday.

I hope you are proud of how I have used your story to help other women and babies.  It took many years, but I share your story with people whenever I can now.  I know that some women who had planned to have an abortion have chosen not to because of your story.  Your story is changing lives and saving lives.  Maybe when we meet, we can reminisce about those lives that were saved.  I know that you are proud of the mom I have become.  Your siblings can’t wait to meet you too.  They are so much fun, and you will get to share lots of laughs with them someday.  They love each other greatly and I know they will love you too.

Sometimes I wonder if you will be a grown up, a baby, or a kid when we meet.  Such a strange mystery!  Whatever you look like I am sure I will be crazy about you.  Please know that as long as God can still use our story here on earth, I will keep working and telling it.  What satan meant for evil God is using for good.  I hope you are proud of the work we are doing.  And I can’t wait till the day when we will be together!

Love, Your Mom


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