“I try to always remember that God is designing my child… specifically for me. Perfection takes time. As he places each hair upon her head, and sculpts those tiny lips that will kiss my cheek, He cannot be rushed. Those little eyes that will look into mine, those little fingers that will reach up and take my hand…the smile that will melt my heart… it will all be worth the wait.” — A Waiting Adoptive Mom

“I was, and still am, so blessed by the Crisis Pregnancy Outreach Program. It meant so much to have people who really do care to stand beside me, with NO pressure on the decisions I had to make. It was a blessing to have the love and support of the other girls who have been through this. I praise God that my baby is in a beautiful, loving home.” — Missie

“We want to thank you and Christian Chapel for the Crisis Pregnancy Outreach ministry you have. Our daughter, Laura, certainly felt and saw your concern and love. She has come out of this experience a more mature young woman. Thank you again for your Christian ministry.” — Gordon & Joan

“Thank you, Christian Chapel, for your support of the Crisis Pregnancy Outreach Program, so that girls like me can have an alternative to aborting our babies.”

“Having a place to go made all the difference in the world! As I was making the decision of who would raise my baby, it was comforting to realize the warmth, support and care around me.

“In this loving environment, my self-esteem was restored and I gained the self-respect that comes from knowing that I made the right decision.” — Teri

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ once again for all the help you have been to my daughter and myself… CPO is truly a blessing sent from God. You have helped turn what seemed like a very unfortunate circumstance into a happy NEW BEGINNING for a lot of people. A few short months ago, I would never have thought this could be possible.” — With All My Prayers, Debra

“I wanted to thank the volunteers at CPO for all of your wisdom, support and blessings. I appreciate you for all you provide: Support Group on Tuesday, open adoption, a warehouse full of clothing and household items, guest speakers, literature and books, personal showers for those of us who make Adoption Plans, the Transitional Home, Childbirth Classes, and many other unspoken blessings.”

“CPO is so unique and I love its ministry. It blesses so many of us hurting, pregnant women. I appreciate the guidance and fellowship with the other girls. Thank you for the Host Family I lived with. You always go the extra mile for so many people, and spend so much time with us. Love you.” — Elizabeth

“CPO is a great agency! They provided me with a wonderful mentor, and I was able to attend their Support Group Meetings, that are held each Tuesday. They had many Life Books for me to look at. That was a great help to me, in choosing the awesome parents for Haddyn, my birth daughter. Her parents, Todd and Becky, are so awesome and have been a wonderful blessing for my family and me.”

“CPO’s Doulas, Kelly and Marlita, are the best! They were so helpful to me in getting through my labor and delivery. Also, my Grandma has been there for me, from the beginning. CPO also helped me get through the loss of my father. Thank you, Cheryl and Donna, for everything! CPO has been a blessing to me and you are like my family. I love you all!” — Heather

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