Adoption is Not for the Faint of Heart!

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Cheryl Bauman has been helping women make adoptions plans for many many years.  In all that time, she has repeatedly reminded adoptive families that adoption is not for the faint of heart.  No story is more true to that than the story of The Faldie Family.  They were chosen by two other birth mothers prior to getting their baby girl.  Both of those birth mothers changed their mind (making an adoption plan is hard!).  During that time they took a foster placement with DHS.  At one point they had to give her back.  During all these trials, they kept the faith and now they can rejoice!  Please read Lindsey’s words below.  Fladie Family, you are an inspiration!

By Lindsey Fladie
In all my dreams I never could have imagined a family as beautiful as this. After three years of hoping to be chosen by an expecting mother at CPO we now await not one, but two adoption finalizations for our precious daughters. I’m so thankful God led us through those valleys. Without the wait, without each yes ending in a not yet, without each interrupted adoption, we wouldn’t have the family we do today. The whole time God knew we needed to experience fostering, to let go of our idea of what adoption looks like, and to fully learn to love others, specifically our daughter’s birthmom, in a way we had never known. Adoption changed our life by making us parents but even more so it changed our hearts.

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