Adoption Trauma and Support

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We may think that being adopted into a loving, secure Christian home would meet all the needs of any baby.  But many older adoptees confess that even though they had a wonderful childhood, they still struggle with feelings of abandonment, self-esteem, anxiety, anger and/or not feeling like the fully fit in with their family.
Even in the best of situations, adoption always begins with loss.  The loss of their biological mother at a minimum.  Open adoption certainly helps minimize this loss but for some adoptees, they may still find that they struggle with feelings of that loss, often mixed with love for their adoptive family.
At CPO, we have created an Adoptee Support Group for adopted people age 13 & up.  You do not have to have been adopted through CPO to attend.  This is a safe place for adoptees to share their feeling with other adoptees who may have or still are having the same struggles.
Our group meets every third Thursday of the month at CPO.  Our office is located in the Sagenet complex at 10207 E. 61st St Suite A, Tulsa, 74133.  The next meeting is on Oct. 21st at 7-9pm.  Christina Domer leads the group.  She is an adoptee and an adoptive mom.  She has been a part of CPO for over 10 years and has firsthand experience with most aspects of adoption.
If you are an adoptee and would like to attend, please RSVP by Sunday, Oct. 17th by calling the CPO office at 918-296-3377 or emailing Christina at
If you are out of town, we may be able to connect virtually.  Please give us your contact information when you RSVP.


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