We need loving families.

Crisis Pregnancy Outreach works with potential adoptive families who:
• Are committed Evangelical Christians active in their church
• Understand and embrace the concept of Open Adoption
• Have undergone a Home Study done by a Licensed Social Worker, in the state in which they reside
• Promise that one parent will be at home full-time, until the child is in at least Kindergarten
• Promise that they will allow and provide as much contact with the birth mother as SHE desires
• Have been married for no less than three (3) years
• Do not smoke
• Agree to avoid corporal punishment and other harsh discipline methods
• Agree that you will follow the routine vaccination schedule through finalization and any deviation from that would be in conjunction with the child’s physician.

Living in Oklahoma is not a requirement to become an adoptive family through CPO.

CPO asks local adoptive families to pay an agency fee of $5,000 (and provide 150 hours of volunteer work) and out-of-Tulsa-area families to pay $6,000. Our fees are much lower than many other agencies because we are a non-profit agency and no one associated with CPO is paid a salary or benefits monetarily from the fees. All monies are used to pay for operating expenses, maternity and personal care items for expectant mother’s, support group supplies, counseling services, advertising and other necessary expenses. The CPO agency fee does not include attorney or legal fees you will incur, the cost of your federally required home study, a $300 application fee, or the cost of the Waiting Families Workshop ($350) which you will be required to attend.  The cost of printing life books range from $30 to $100.

If you meet the requirements listed above and are interested in adopting through CPO, you can learn more about the adoption process here.

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