Great News! We’ve hired an Executive Director!

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Great News! We’ve hired an Executive Director!

Please welcome Maggie Toupin!

My name is Maggie Toupin, I have a passion and heart for seeing families thrive. I am a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Human Relations. I have also served in the Tulsa community over the past 15 years in a variety of roles from teaching to mental health administration. My husband and I have had the joy of being foster, adoptive, and biological parents and reside in Broken Arrow, OK with our three children. It is an honor to be part of the CPO team, as it has been an organization that I have admired from a young age. The examples of bravery, hospitality, and faith that I witnessed first hand through the CPO families I knew created a lasting impact on me and have instilled in me a love for adoption and serving those in crisis. I look forward to serving with the leadership team as CPO expands it reach and to being used by God to serve women and families in our community and surrounding area.

Job Opening

Crisis Pregnancy Outreach, Tulsa, OK

Immediate Opening For Executive Director

CPO is a well established pregnancy center and full service adoption agency that has been serving the greater Tulsa area since 1983. CPO stands apart from other agencies because of the long term relationships it develops with clients that go well beyond the immediate needs surrounding birth and adoption.

In the last year, CPO has moved to a newly renovated location and is eager to increase its reach. We are seeking an Executive Director who is able to work with committed volunteers and a strong donor base to reach more families with the wide array of services CPO offers.

Executive Director Job Description:

  • Reports to the Board of Directors. Prepares comprehensive reports and attends all meetings.
  • Responsible for overseeing outreach and fundraising including the website, weekly newsletters, associations and memberships and donor relations.
  • Responsible for managing the office including arranging for maintenance, rent, insurance and cleaning.
  • Oversees all paid and volunteer staff and contract employees.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating all data, software and files. Responsible for intake of new clients and maintaining records.
  • Responsible for scheduling and oversight of support groups, leading monthly leader’s meetings, overseeing volunteer training and appreciation, assisting in planning the annual gala and parties and all adoption agency functions.  


  • Successful applicants will have a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience in children’s services, or a master’s degree and two years of experience in children’s services. A master’s in social work or social and behavioral science is preferred.
  • Must have good conflict resolution skills and ability to manage crises.
  • Must be available by phone most hours.
  • Fluent in Microsoft and Google suites.
  • Highly organized and deeply compassionate with a desire to serve Jesus by serving others.

Interested applicants should contact:

Kelly Jacobson
Crisis Pregnancy Outreach
10207 E. 61st St. Suite A
Tulsa, OK 74133

The Unexpected Call 

The Unexpected Call 

By Jessica Myers

Almost a year ago to this day, my dreams had been crushed of bearing children. (Shoutout to my husband, family, friends, and coworkers for dealing with my crazy emotions!) After grieving, considering our options, and lots of prayer, we decided that we were being led to adopt. We also remembered a conversation from when we were dating that if we were unable to have children, we would want to adopt. Adoption was God’s plan A for us and as we trusted Him, he revealed all of the details. We knew of an agency that friends had adopted through (ethical, birthmom centric, supportive) and when door after door kept opening up, we knew that’s where we wanted to apply to adopt. After getting our CPO paperwork turned in, we ordered our family photo album that included a two page spread of the dogs (haha). The photos are for expectant moms to look at to help choose a waiting family. I ordered the photo book and it took over a month to get to us. The day it arrived on our doorstep was the anniversary of my Dad’s death. The date made me cry because I always wish he was with me for life milestones and this felt like a hug. So life and work carried on as we were waiting to be chosen to parent a child/children. At first, I checked my phone constantly and then as time went on I became content waiting to hear from the agency. One morning, I woke up feeling the lavish love of the Lord, His kindness, and gentleness. There was this song called The Blessing that Kari Jobe had put out but I had yet to listen to. That morning I decided to listen to it. Listening to this song my heart was moved and I realized I still had some walls of protection up from our infertility journey. I decided to lay them down and open my heart to the blessing God had for us. I even texted my family and said, “Receive a blessing this morning.” And that night we received a call telling us that there was a baby that had been born that morning. We received a gift that can never be repaid from deep love and sacrifice. We acknowledge the brokenness and lean into the hard and still find ourselves grateful that when we trust in the Lord, he makes our paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Fathers are Important!

 Fathers are a hot topic around CPO.  Most of the time they are uninvolved or too involved but their importance is obvious.  Most of our parenting moms struggle with lack of support and are often traveling the single mom road or co-parenting.  Each comes with its own challenges.  At CPO we offer fathering and coparenting classes through Brightcourse, as well as counseling and support group for these mamas.
When it comes to women making adoption plans it all comes down to wanting their child to have a father.  We recently held our Waiting Family Workshop where we had a panel of birth parents share their insights to potential adoptive couples.  All the birth mothers said that one of the main reasons they chose adoption was so that their child could have a good dad.  We also had a birth father on the panel.  He is a rarity but shared the importance of having an open adoption with his son.  What a blessing he is to Max!
When we have a father who is involved in a loving way it is always a huge blessing! One of our adoptees, Amanda Reed (Schatzmann), was blessed to have both her biological father and her adoptive father walking her down the isle at her recent wedding.  She loves them both!

Throw Back Thursday Post!

In 2013, we were training our ultrasound nurses for our new clinic.  I’ll never forget!  One of our first ultrasounds was triplets!  You may remember the story of The Justice Family.  Here is an update from Sarah.

Our Family Designed by God

All I ever dreamed of as a little girl and then as a teenager was to become a wife and mother. God brought the man of my dreams into my life and we were married when I was thirty three and he was thirty seven. Before marriage we discussed our mutual love of children and desire for a large family.

Several years passed and the realization that my biological clock was ticking caused me to feel a sense of urgency if we were to have children. During this time my husband and I were both checked out medically and I had a minor surgery as well as limited fertility treatment. After visiting three different clinics we realized that even with intervention our options did not look promising or financially feasible.

The idea of adoption came up and we were led to Crisis Pregnancy Outreach. We filled out papers, attended training, completed home studies, and turned in our Life book. We were interviewed by several young ladies over the course of two years. One of these ladies chose us to be the parents of the baby she was carrying, then later she decided to parent. This was an extremely difficult time, but the Lord was preparing us for the future.

A little over a year later I received another phone call and was elated when the birth parents told of their intentions to place their baby with us. Several weeks later an ultrasound was done only to discover that we would become the parents of triplets, Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, a triple blessing! On May 18th, 2013 our precious babies were born, making me a mother.

The blessings did not stop there. Ten days after the birth of our triplets I began to feel sick and took my first ever positive pregnancy test. Seven and a half months later I delivered twins, Abigail and Andrew. Two years later God graciously gave us our last child, Caleb.

Fast forward eight years, we are a homeschooling family of five-eight year olds and a six year old. There is never a dull moment. I remind the kids regularly of the blessing of having built-in best friends. Looking back, I can see that the waiting allowed me to have a greater capacity to accept God’s plan. The blessings we would have forfeited had life gone as we planned.

Sarah Justice

We are grateful that CPO was there for our Birth Mom when she reached out. We are forever blessed!

At CPO, we never want to pressure a woman to choose adoption.  If she wants to parent, we will help her parent.  But sometimes that is not an easy road.  Below Calli Mather’s shares about her son’s birth mother who decided to parent after she made an adoption plan.  We support this birth mother for choosing what was best for her and her son and we know it was not about Calli or her family, but sometimes adoption is a tough road to walk for everyone involved.  It’s beautiful to see how God used Calli to help Colton’s mom through a hard time and still healed her heart through the adoption of her daughter. 

The Colton Tree

By Calli Mathers

Thirteen years ago, we adopted a little boy. Our family was completely in love❤️

However, after a short time God had a different plan for that sweet nugget.  We were devastated and confused as we strongly felt that God had led us on that path.  After he left, my Bible study girls had a tree planted in our front yard as a dedication to him. We call it our Colton tree. And each year you will see red and white Christmas lights outside our house. You will also see one blue tree. Our Colton tree.  

During that time of loss, we had no idea that God was actually preparing us for a LARGER-THAN-LIFE BABY GIRL.  We could NEVER imagine our life without our Isabel Faith. Our home is louder, sillier, busier and a lot more fun with her in it. That tree serves as a reminder, not only of Colton but It also reminds us that God’s plan is ALWAYS BEST!! It might not be easy. Sometimes it is just downright hard. And at times we just have to trust and hold on tight. But just as Rom 8:28 says He will use ALL things for good. Our God is a beautiful author, HE IS FAITHFUL AND ALWAYS HAS A PLAN.

New Prayer Team

Our CPO New Years Resolution

Not a week goes by at CPO when we don’t encounter a sad story, a girl facing terrible trauma, women dealing with difficult decisions and attacks form satan who would rather we didn’t exist.  We need prayer cover.  Its hard to believe that we don’t already have a prayer team.  But now we do!  Thank you to Cheri Colemen for organizing us.  If you would like to join our prayer team, you can sign up here
If you have a prayer request, please email Cheri at or fill out the prayer request form at the CPO office.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. -Romans 12:12

A Letter to my Baby in Heaven

A Letter to my Baby in Heaven

By Kelly Jacobson, CPO Managing Director

Dear Sweet Baby,

I’m writing you a letter because I know it will be a long time before we meet in heaven.  I want you to know that I can’t wait to meet you.  I’ve struggled for so many years with the decision I made that ended your life way to soon.  I am so sorry.  I know you must forgive me as you are in heaven with Jesus and you can only feel joy and love.  It’s been hard for me to forgive myself and the other people who were involved at the time.  I wish I had been a better mother and had fought for you.  I wish the doctors and nurses had been more honest with me.  I suppose they believed that they were helping me, I hope.  I hope it wasn’t all about money.  I wish my parents and friends had known what they were encouraging me to do was not “an easy fix”.  I wish your dad had been a better man.  But it’s all in the past.  I know you are in a beautiful place, and we will be together someday.

I hope you are proud of how I have used your story to help other women and babies.  It took many years, but I share your story with people whenever I can now.  I know that some women who had planned to have an abortion have chosen not to because of your story.  Your story is changing lives and saving lives.  Maybe when we meet, we can reminisce about those lives that were saved.  I know that you are proud of the mom I have become.  Your siblings can’t wait to meet you too.  They are so much fun, and you will get to share lots of laughs with them someday.  They love each other greatly and I know they will love you too.

Sometimes I wonder if you will be a grown up, a baby, or a kid when we meet.  Such a strange mystery!  Whatever you look like I am sure I will be crazy about you.  Please know that as long as God can still use our story here on earth, I will keep working and telling it.  What satan meant for evil God is using for good.  I hope you are proud of the work we are doing.  And I can’t wait till the day when we will be together!

Love, Your Mom


2021, It’s a Wrap!

Adopt-A-Girl for Christmas 2021

Thanks to the generous donations from 25 families and groups we were able to bless 35 women and 53 children with a multitude of gifts!  Our clients were abundantly blessed!!

Party! Party! Party!






CPO had a Christmas Party for 9 members of our 20 person leadership team.  We ate, laughed and made gnomes!  Thanks for giving your time ladies!

We also has a Christmas party for clients and their kids.  We celebrated Jesus’s birth with 17 women and 21 children!

End of Year Giving!

Thanks to all of you have chosen CPO for your year end giving!  We have raised over $40,000 since Thanksgiving!  We look forward to using those funds to bless more women in crisis in 2022.

Happy New Year!

A Christmas Miracle!

Merry Christmas from CPO!
May this Christmas miracle remind you of Jesus’s love and providence!
He came for you so that you may have life everlasting!

It was the end of September, the crisp fall air was arriving and the leaves would soon begin to fall. Our family of three had been waiting over a year for a new addition to our family without any interest. All of a sudden an expectant mother found CPO and decided to interview us as potential parents for her unborn child. Our interview went well, it was later the following week that we were chosen. We were overcome with gratitude that she would pick us as her child’s parents. A month went by, and as we approached the delivery she ultimately decided that parenting her baby would be the best decision for her. I never knew grief like that. As quickly as this woman came into our lives she quickly exited. The hole in my heart that so desperately wanted to become a mother again sank even bigger. I knew that if any woman felt she could successfully parent, I wanted her to do that. Adoption at any age is trauma and I knew the pain our family felt from that situation was momentary. Though I couldn’t see it, God had a plan.

Fast forward a few months and our family of 3 had just finished dinner. By this point our hearts had healed. My desire and longing to become a mother again was still heavy, but the pain of the ‘almost baby’ had worn off. It was a typical Wednesday night, nothing special about it. My husband was washing dishes as our daughter played at the table. My phone rang and it was CPO. I immediately got butterflies in my stomach. I knew what this phone call meant. This phone call would forever change our life.

‘There’s a woman in labor & she picked your family. I don’t have details, but you need to rush to the hospital to meet your baby!’ We were in complete shock, a Christmas baby! We quickly made plans for our daughter with grandad & settled some last minute things at the house before leaving. Our daughter excitedly asked if we could do our Christmas advent calendar as a family before leaving. Absolutely! We opened the verse for December 8 & my husband read aloud Luke 1:41-47.

When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. In a loud voice she exclaimed: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear! But why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy. Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”

We were in awe of the scripture pulled that night—God had a plan for our family and God had a plan for this child. After we finished the advent we quickly rushed to the hospital. We met the expectant mother’s nurse for the evening. Her name was Fiona and she updated us on the mother’s labor. We learned the expectant mother had spent 5 hours at another town’s ER with no help which led her to a hospital a mile from our house. We were told the mother found out she was pregnant that very evening and immediately knew adoption was the best option for her child. It was this nurse who called Crisis Pregnancy Outreach. She knew that the leaders at CPO would help this woman in crisis find the perfect family for her child.

After Caden’s exciting arrival, his birth mother was still processing the emotions of unexpected pregnancy and an adoption plan, all made in the same evening. She initially did not want to meet us or Caden as there were many emotions to overcome in a short amount of time. Nurse Fiona an adoptive mother herself, confided in Caden’s birth mother that her child only had one picture of his birth mom taken on the day of his birth, a picture he cherishes to this day. Birth mom agreed to meet Caden and our family. It is likely Caden’s entire story changed during this meeting. Birth mom laid eyes on and held the miracle she helped create and she was able to see the beauty of open adoption. She visited Caden at least three more times before we left the hospital. We have since had dinner together and even met up for Caden’s first visit to Santa.

We joke that Caden entered the world after 9 months in “Stealth Mode.” He somehow managed to evade detection until the day before his birth and enter the world in a spectacular fashion. We love our little boy, but his life would have likely been much different had he decided to make himself known. We are thankful that his birth mom decided to choose us as his parents under such extreme circumstances. She is truly a superhero and so strong to carry a baby and not even realize it! We hold an immense love and gratitude in our hearts for the woman who made us parents once again.

– The Brown Family: Sean, Jennifer, Piper & Baby Caden