Birth Mother’s Day 2014

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This article and the fine photography are generously provided by Alaina Butler of Inspired Life Photos.

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Last Saturday was Birth Mother’s Day nationwide and at Crisis Pregnancy Outreach. Celebrated at CPO since the 1990s, it is a day set aside in celebration of the courage and sacrificial love of women who have chosen to live separately from their children in order to give them their best possible chance at life.

Before the ceremony, each birth mother received a rose corsage to wear.


Of course, CPO would be nothing without the countless volunteers who willingly give of themselves to make days and stories like these possible.


The ceremony started off with a welcome and prayer from Lynn Clutter, an adoptive mother with CPO.


Lynn was followed by praise and worship time led by Liliana Ross, a birth mother who placed her son several years ago.


LaChelle Diggs (Birth Mother) and Kate Wicar (Adoptive Mother) shared their story titled, “I Love You to the Rocky Mountains and Back”.


Liliana sang for us again, this time her original song titled, “Caleb’s Song”, which she wrote to her son (also pictured) after she placed him for adoption.


Ziona Webb was adopted through CPO and shared the story that she wrote for her school titled, “When I Was Adopted.”

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Toni McCorkle told her story of being a Birth Mother to her son titled “The Greatest Comeback Ever.”

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The final testimony shared during the ceremony was given by Rhonda Fisher (Adoptive Mother) and her daughter’s Birth Mother, Amanda Smock. It was titled “God for the Win.”  


Here is Milly enjoying listening to her story.


Amanda also led the Birth Mothers in reading an adaption of Isaiah 49.


All the Birth Mothers then took place in a Candle Lighting, and those that couldn’t be at the ceremony were represented by their children or family. 

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In closing Chris Dow, Pastor of Christian Chapel, prayed for the Birth Mothers and Shawnda Kirchmann, the Transitional House Mom, gave a few closing words.  


Jody Landers once said, “A child born to another woman calls me Mom. The depth of the tragedy and magnitude of the privilege are not lost on me.” 

CPO is full of stories of the magnitude of this privilege. If you were blessed to be present at Birth Mother’s day, you saw these faces and heard these stories first hand and know how truly wonderful and special open adoption is.24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

The Ceremony was followed by a lovely reception, coordinated by Tracie Roessien. 

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In special recognition, Cheryl Bauman has been the Executive Director of CPO since the beginning. Her time and love put into this organization has helped and ministered to countless children, their Birth Mothers, and their adoptive families.