Cheryl Says for July 2021

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I spent part of this weekend with a precious young woman who called me in 1985 from a northern state. She had heard about CPO from an acquaintance in Oklahoma and was in need of immediate help. She was young and pregnant and receiving no support from her family or friends. This young woman was very apologetic as she told me she would need a place to live, arrangements for medical care, a family to adopt her baby, and food, until she found a job. I assured her that we could provide all of that. She packed all of her belongings in her small car and left for Tulsa! Over the next few years, she lived with several wonderful families with whom she still has strong relationships. They poured unconditional love into her life. She made an Adoption Plan for her precious baby and made the decision to live in Tulsa. In a few years, she met the amazing young man who would become her husband. Now, after many years of marriage, they are the parents of 4 very successful adult children. When my dear friend drove off, I shed happy tears and, once again, felt so amazed that God trusts us to love on hurting young women, and pour into their lives.

In His Service,


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