Coming Up: Birth Mother’s Day 2017

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Birth Mother’s Day is a pretty big deal around here at CPO. Our birth mothers are amazing people who deserve love and appreciation, and this Saturday is a day we devote to doing just that.


This day is important to birth mothers so we do everything we can to make them feel special. This year, birth mothers will be served a nice lunch, get pampered, and have pictures taken by photographers on hand.

If you’re a CPO family, PLEASE make plans to attend with your birth mother this year; it will mean more to her than you can imagine. If you know a CPO birth mother or adoptive family, please pass this blog on to them so they can make plans to attend. If you are not a birth mother and/or adoptive family that plans to attend, please consider volunteering to help with this fun event. The volunteer sign up page can be found here.


If you’re looking for a gift for your birth mother, consider donating a brick for her to be in our garden at CPO. You can order your brick here.

Thank you for your continued support of our amazing birth mothers!


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