Fathers are Important!

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 Fathers are a hot topic around CPO.  Most of the time they are uninvolved or too involved but their importance is obvious.  Most of our parenting moms struggle with lack of support and are often traveling the single mom road or co-parenting.  Each comes with its own challenges.  At CPO we offer fathering and coparenting classes through Brightcourse, as well as counseling and support group for these mamas.
When it comes to women making adoption plans it all comes down to wanting their child to have a father.  We recently held our Waiting Family Workshop where we had a panel of birth parents share their insights to potential adoptive couples.  All the birth mothers said that one of the main reasons they chose adoption was so that their child could have a good dad.  We also had a birth father on the panel.  He is a rarity but shared the importance of having an open adoption with his son.  What a blessing he is to Max!
When we have a father who is involved in a loving way it is always a huge blessing! One of our adoptees, Amanda Reed (Schatzmann), was blessed to have both her biological father and her adoptive father walking her down the isle at her recent wedding.  She loves them both!

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