Letter from a grateful Birth Mother

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my personal story.   My name is Dorothy Smart and I am a CPO birth mother.  I came to Tulsa 4 months pregnant, broken, scared and had just graduated a 7 month stay at a rehabilitation center.  I needed help for myself and my unborn child.  CPO lovingly took me into their care.  I will forever be grateful.

I found CPO through an adoption agency in Tallahassee FL, who assisted me in placing my first child in an open adoption.   Within two weeks of hearing of CPO, I found myself flying into Tulsa, a place I knew nothing about.  I was met right away by Delores White, former housemother of the CPO transitional home, and a few other pregnant women.  Every one of them was so friendly to me and guided me all the way to my new home.  I successfully graduated from my CPO program in about 22 months.

My time spent in the CPO ministry was life altering.  So much good came out of my time there.  While under the care of CPO, I was cared for in so many ways.  Our transitional home was a beautiful showcase home so we did our best at all times to keep it very clean because at any given time we would have to house a pregnant woman in a crises situation.

I came to CPO hungry and lost, CPO filled me with constant love, structure, and discipline.   I was never in need of anything.  I received help with everything from clothing, food, toiletries, dental and medical care, professional counseling, and mentors. This was all given to me for free.  CPO assisted me with every legal aspect concerning the process of making my open adoption finalized.  This was no easy task because my baby was going to Florida, yet CPO handled it so smoothly.  Even throughout my 19-hour labor and delivery, CPO never left my side. Thank you to Delores White, my 2 doulas, and many CPO family members that stopped in to encourage me.  I was treated like a queen during my stay at the hospital.   CPO graciously housed my adopted family from Florida so they also could be with me every step of the way through my labor and delivery and thank you Kobi Redman for housing, feeding, and entertaining us for the two-week clearance time it took for my adoption to be processed.

I stayed at the transitional home for an additional 17months after I placed my baby.   During my time there, I learned how to focus on myself and learned how to live a positive life especially in a Godly manner.  I was transformed from the inside out.  I was able to work a couple of part-time jobs and attend Tulsa Community College for a semester and a 1/2.  When my time came to an end at CPO, now 11 years ago, I flew to my new and current home of Charlotte NC to live with my aunt for a few months.  I was under her strict and disciplined guidance.   I was able to find my first job within a month.  I kept that job for about 4 1/2 years.   I fell in love with my now husband within a few months of moving to Charlotte….  Things went fast, we had two sons back-to-back right away.  As soon as my boys entered kindergarten, I went back to school where I am currently working on my master’s degree.

In my adoption story, we have always made God our focal point when communicating with each other.   Within our adoption triad we have much love and respect for everyone involved.   We are honored by each other.  I haven’t seen them in 4 years but that’s OK.  I feel as if a reunion could happen soon.  I love my birth daughters.   They are so loving and forgiving with me.  I am so proud of them.  Thank you for letting me share my story of open adoption with you.  We are a community of unity and love.

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