Summer Happenings

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By Kelly Jacobson

I thought Id fill you all in on some of the things that have been going on at CPO this summer.  We’ve had a number of walk-ins.  I love to show women around our new place.  They are always so impressed.  One expectant mom said she felt loved just by stepping in the door!  We are reaching more women!

In an effort to get the word to all women facing a crisis pregnancy in the Tulsa area, we have hired a consulting firm to help us identify where our target client is and how to reach them.  They spent a day interviewing me and other leaders and learning all about CPO.  They were so impressed with what we have to offer women and on fire to help us reach them.  I cant wait to receive their finding and suggestions!

We hosted a 3 day workshop for families waiting to adopt in June.  This workshop educates families on CPO and our mission, ignites a spirit of ministry in waiting families and educates them on many aspects of open adoptions.  It was a fantastic success.  Thanks to all the speakers who volunteered their time and to Kate Wicar for planning and leading it!

We have had many inquiries recently about support for adults and teen adoptees.  So on August 19th we are excited to be  launching a new adoptee support group.  It will lead by Christina Domer.  She is an adoptee, and adoptive mom and a long time CPO volunteer.

One of the things I love about my job is watching women struggle and overcome.  Sometimes over and over.  I hurt for them when they fall.  I want so much for them to find healing and hope.  Many times women will disappear and come back to support group over and over.  We’ve seen a few of those gals this summer.  Its so awesome that they know we will not judge them but will meet them where they are and help them move forward, as long as it takes.

Please enjoy the following poem written by CPO birth mother, Heather.  I was so impressed when I read it!


Just Wait,
Don’t Sell Birthright For Stew

Please just wait,
don’t trade your birthright for stew.
I know you want to feel loved.
I know you’re lonely
but just wait,
that’s not what you are looking for
just wait,  don’t fast food relationships

For those who wait on the Lord
God he will renew your strength (Isaiah 40:31)
just wait.
You think you get weaker but you’re actually getting stronger
God makes you stronger while you wait.
I know you’ve been waiting.
Ask The Holy Spirit, he gives you power and strength ! (Genesis 25)

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