My name is Soo Choi. I’ve been working with Crisis Pregnancy Outreach as a counselor for almost 2 years. I counsel women and facilitate the birth mom support group. I went into social work to help people and make a positive difference in their lives, yet whenever I spend time at CPO, I’m the one who leaves feeling encouraged. From birth moms, adoptive families, adoptees, and parenting moms to volunteers, donors and staff – everybody involved with CPO believes in its mission. So my message is one of gratitude, joy and hope towards all of you.    You are the reason I keep coming back to CPO.

To the birth moms – you have been through so many challenges. You made one of the hardest decisions and biggest sacrifices of your life when you chose to place your child. You grieve and struggle, some days more than others. But you’ve never given up. You are so strong, resilient and brave. I’m blessed to see you walk your journeys. You amaze and inspire me! Please remember that you don’t have to go through it alone.

To the adoptive families – you are courageous and brave! I really did not comprehend how hard open adoption was until I became involved with CPO. You adoptive families know how hard it’s going to be before signing on, yet you still choose open adoption. How amazing (and a little crazy) is that! Your dedication and love for the babies/children you adopt and birth moms is incredible.

To the adoptees – you are worthy and chosen. I’ve had the privilege to know just a few of you so far but God has a purpose and plan for each your lives. You have so many people in your lives who love you and are rooting for you.

To the parenting moms (some of you are also birth moms) – you are dedicated and faithful. I don’t know you very well but you show up for parenting group each week and you work hard every single day to take care of your kiddos.

To the assistants, volunteers, donors and staff – you make this place go ‘round! It’s hard to believe that a place that runs this smoothly is run primarily by volunteers! You put some big companies to shame! Your diligence and commitment are not in vain. You are making an impact on so many lives!

So I recognize and thank all of you for giving me the reasons to keep coming back to CPO!


Crisis Pregnancy Outreach believes no one should have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone. We provide confidential and compassionate pregnancy care and services to women at each step of their journey, including free pregnancy tests, professional counseling and ongoing support. CPO also supports unborn and newborn babies, and help their mothers parent or place them with loving families.

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