Fathers are Heroes!

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In honor of the upcoming Father’s Day, we have a lovely family narrative provided by Denise Dietz.

My life began with an extravagant love. I really didn’t know anything about it, until a seemingly ordinary day as a pre-teen when a flash of information came blasting into my world. The realization that my parents were married two years after I was born was the trigger. I pestered my Mom all day for an explanation. As she came to tuck me in bed that night, she invited me to join my Dad in the living room. He was waiting to tell me something.  I cautiously entered the room. In the most welcoming way, my Dad reached out his arms for me to crawl into his lap and sweetly began explaining how I became his daughter. I learned in those precious moments that he exercised a divine choice to make me his daughter through adoption. He chose me, loved me and cared for me as his very own. There are no dividing lines between me and my siblings. We are all his.

A strong-standing foundation of real love was set in my heart because….
He accepted me….I accept others.
He loved….I love.
He believed in me….I believe the best in others.
He made sacrifices to give me life….I look for ways to give of myself.
He didn’t hold my mistakes against me….I am forgiving.
He decided…I have courage to choose.
He reached beyond his own ability….I am not afraid to take risks.
He gave me life….I offer life.

Because of his choice….I know God as an amazing Heavenly Father.


Then, another layer was built upon this foundation. My life was joined with an amazing man, Tony, who shares the same love story. He too, was adopted by his Dad, Paul Dietz. It adds a sweet grace to our relationship. As recipients of an undeserving love, we have enjoyed sharing a liberal portion of our love with one another.


So, would it be surprising to say there’s more to the story…. We chose to love 3 children in the same extravagant way! Here’s a picture of my amazing husband loving each of those three blessings.


And…here’s the extra-ordinary birth fathers who made this possible!


It’s said,
“One generation commends your works to another;
they tell of your mighty acts.” – Psalm 145:4

Any guesses on what might be written in the next chapters?
I am confident of this one thing:
A Father’s love will make a powerful difference in a child’s life!!!