Retro CPO: A Sweet Child

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Each month we will feature a “retro” CPO article, one that is pulled from our archives of quarterly newsletters. Whenever possible we will provide details regarding the author and date of publication.
This month’s Retro CPO article is a lovely poem written by Jamie Fuqua, a CPO birth mother. It was written in fall of 2008.

A sweet child–
all alone.
You come to him with a smile.
You take the time to clean his knee.
And when he cries, you wipe his tears,
and he smiles.

A mom–
all alone, and so scared.
She doesn’t know what to do.
her tears are welling in her eyes.
She fears she won’t go through.
The woman she meets is as sweet as can be.
But, is anyone good enough for her baby?

Five years later, I watch you at the park.
You are the most beautiful child I have ever seen.
I turn around and realize,
I made the right choice.
You deserve the best,
and that is what you have.