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At CPO, we never want to pressure a woman to choose adoption.  If she wants to parent, we will help her parent.  But sometimes that is not an easy road.  Below Calli Mather’s shares about her son’s birth mother who decided to parent after she made an adoption plan.  We support this birth mother for choosing what was best for her and her son and we know it was not about Calli or her family, but sometimes adoption is a tough road to walk for everyone involved.  It’s beautiful to see how God used Calli to help Colton’s mom through a hard time and still healed her heart through the adoption of her daughter. 

The Colton Tree

By Calli Mathers

Thirteen years ago, we adopted a little boy. Our family was completely in love❤️

However, after a short time God had a different plan for that sweet nugget.  We were devastated and confused as we strongly felt that God had led us on that path.  After he left, my Bible study girls had a tree planted in our front yard as a dedication to him. We call it our Colton tree. And each year you will see red and white Christmas lights outside our house. You will also see one blue tree. Our Colton tree.  

During that time of loss, we had no idea that God was actually preparing us for a LARGER-THAN-LIFE BABY GIRL.  We could NEVER imagine our life without our Isabel Faith. Our home is louder, sillier, busier and a lot more fun with her in it. That tree serves as a reminder, not only of Colton but It also reminds us that God’s plan is ALWAYS BEST!! It might not be easy. Sometimes it is just downright hard. And at times we just have to trust and hold on tight. But just as Rom 8:28 says He will use ALL things for good. Our God is a beautiful author, HE IS FAITHFUL AND ALWAYS HAS A PLAN.

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