Birth Mom Success Story: Barbara Hemphill

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At CPO, there really is nothing better than hearing from a birth mom or parenting girl who is thriving after her time with us. Last week we were lucky enough to hear from a birth mom who came to CPO and made an adoption plan 14 years ago. With Barbara Hemphill’s permission, here’s her story.

Dear CPO,

I am a birth mother who chose open adoption through your agency 14 years ago. I want to just express my gratitude for the services provided and the family that has become. My story is always an amazing one for me to tell. You all are amazing at what you do and I am eternally thankful for what you have done for my daughter and myself and our extended family. I’m sending a picture of my now family and my daughter from this past October. Fourteen years and the connection is stronger than ever and building daily.

love to share my story to let the ladies know it works for the long run. It’s such a scary time being a birth mom in the moment and having to trust that this relationship will last through the years. I feel like a success story! I called CPO 4 days before I had my daughter, and I’m native American so it li

mited my options down to ONE family! They were and are perfect. You have moments where God just puts exactly what you need right there in front of you, and it still is a bit surreal even now. It couldn’t have worked more perfectly. I was lost and horrified and faithless, and then I found you guys. It’s been spectacular, I realized I never contacted the agency afterwards, and wanted to just let you guys know what you’re doing is amazing and so many families are so appreciative.

Adoption works. Adoption is a blessing. Adoption was perfect for us then, and I’ll always cherish your establishment for making this all possible. Thank you so much CPO, you changed so many lives in just helping how you could.

Thank you,
Barbara Hemphilll

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