Birth Mother’s Day: Act Now to Permanently Honor Your Child’s Birth Mom

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Birth Mother’s Day is a pretty big deal around CPO. It’s a time for us to celebrate birth moms for their courageous decision to make an adoption plan. At CPO, we celebrate this special day by inviting birth moms and their adoptive families to CPO for a day of pampering, professional portraits, gifts, and a delicious meal served to them by adoptive dads. This year’s Birth Mother’s Day is on May 6th at CPO.

And this year, CPO has the perfect gift for the birth mom in your life. We are working on a beautiful area right outside of the CPO office entrance. It will be a monument to birth moms and you can add a brick with your birth mom’s name or a custom message. Plus, we have a donor who has offered to hire a landscape architect to create a beautiful area around the monument! Keep reading to the bottom to see the exciting mock up of the future monument.

Some bricks are already currently in place.  You can see pictures below of the bricks with a couple of the Jacobson kids having fun around them.

Here are the renderings for what it will look like when it’s done.


This will be a permanent structure. If you want a message of appreciation for your birth mom, sponsor a brick now! To get your brick, make a $200 donation online. 100% of your donation goes to CPO and we’ll get your brick ordered and set. The bricks may not be installed by Birth Mother’s Day, so if you’d like one, please email Kelly Jacobson at and she’ll get a certificate for you to give as a gift to a birth mom.

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