CPO Parenting Group Spotlight

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“K” recently shared her story:
CPO parenting group has helped me in so many ways. I’ve been apart of the group since around March of this year. I found CPO through the suicide prevention hotline after battling a very very dark time of serve anxiety & PPD. I had no idea where to turn & knew I needed help. I got into the doctor & went to CPO group that very next day. I was nervous, but from the moment I walked in the door I was felt welcomed. Before I even arrived to group I felt loved and heard on the phone with the receptionist. So much so that I was in tears by the end of the phone call. My second baby was just 6 months old & my first was a little over 18 months. We were all welcomed with open arms and even during new struggles they have had my back. They became an instant family to me from day one and I couldn’t imagine going through things without them now!
Do you have a friend or family member that might need extra support right now? Let them know about support group @cpotulsa !

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