Don’t take our word for it!

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We recently sent a survey out to our clients with this question.

“Do you feel like CPO has served you well? If not, please tell us how we could do a better job.”

We didn’t get a single negative response!  Here is what some of our clients had to say:

  • CPO most definitely served me well!
  • I have loved CPO! I wish there was one here in OKC!
  • We love CPO so much!
  • Y’all are amazing. I always tell people open adoption was the most grown up decision I have ever made ? y’all have been such a huge blessing to me!
  • Yes! Parenting my son would not be the same without the support I’ve received from the parenting group.
  • I love CPO they have been a blessing to me through good and bad times! I will forever be grateful for this group!
  • Yes, 100%. I look forward to coming every week & have found a connection with quite a few of girls.

Are you pregnant?  Do you need help?  You are not alone.  CPO is here to help you!  You can call or text 24/7 to our hot line 918-296-3377.


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