He Has a Plan: Inside a CPO Open Adoption, Part Three

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This is the final installment in a series of articles featuring an inside look at one of CPO’s recent adoption success stories. Be sure to read Part One and Part Two if you missed them in earlier weeks. Many thanks to Alaina Butler of Inspired Life Photos for the fine photography and conducting the interviews. Also, thanks to the Borg family and their new daughter’s birth mom, Kelly, for being willing to share their story with the world.

Alaina: Tell us a bit about open adoption, post birth.
Borg Family: Post birth adoption was very easy for us. There were several times that Kelly would come visit and get her dose of this amazing little person. We continued to make every effort to allow Kelly and her family to be involved in our lives as this is the healthiest thing for all involved. Not to mention Kelly’s extended family are incredible and adopted us as much as we adopted them.
Our adoption is far into the open side of open adoption. We completely trust Kelly and her family with Harper. They take great care of her when they see her and also include our biological son as if the adoption is both ways. This is a relationship that will allow us to walk life with them. There have also been a couple times that Kelly has been able to watch Harper without us being there which is such a blessing. I cannot explain how great it is to know that Harper has so much love on both sides.

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Alaina: How is little Harper doing? Can you tell us some of how you have all adjusted to having a new little one in the house?
Borg Family: Where to start…Harper is amazing. She has been an incredible blessing and an easy baby. There is a sense of completeness when our whole family is together. Trusting in God has a great reward and we are blessed enough to get to enjoy it every day.
The adjustment phase was pretty easy with the exception of our biological son. After having been the only child for 6 years and going through one failed adoption, Mason was pretty apprehensive. He would not touch, talk to, or allow her in his room. It is not surprising though that Harper was able to win him over as she does everyone. Mason makes it a point to run in and be one of the first people she sees. It is something that he looks forward to and we enjoy watching as she will smile back at him and fill his heart.
Since she has been able to interact and coo, she has been nothing less than what our family looks forward to every morning and every evening before bed. She lights up and smiles whenever she sees us and has a way of making us feel the love that was once given to her from the heart of her birth mom. There is this light in her eyes that can only be explained as being from a touch that only God could have done.

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Alaina: Overall, can you sum up your experience with CPO and adoption? How did it compare with your expectations?
Borg Family: I think that an organization like CPO is a rare hidden treasure and I’ve never heard of another ministry like it. It is 100% volunteer ran and the founder, nor anyone else, has ever taken a salary. To me this proves it is truly about the people. Each and every director, assistant, and volunteer has a heart for the women and children that come through the doors. CPO far exceeded any expectations we had, not that we necessarily had any specific expectations. The support that adoptive families give each other is priceless. When you are in a season of sorrow, you are still able to rejoice with a family that has just welcomed a new family member. When you are joyful, you can weep with a family that has just experienced a failed adoption or that is going through trials with birth families. The amount of support offered by CPO is truly unheard of.  Because of the information that CPO provides, we have been able to educate so many people on open adoption and the benefits it has opposed to closed adoption.

Alaina: Can you give us an example of something God did during this process?
Borg Family: I was truly able to put 100% of my trust in God with the interview process, creating life books, home studies, mounds of paperwork, meeting potential birth mothers, finances, etc. There really isn’t any other way to go through an adoption without trusting in Him. We had a few fundraisers to help with adoption expenses but never received enough to cover all of the fees we’d incur. I didn’t stress about where the money was going to come from because from the beginning God told us He would provide. When it came time to pay the agency fees, all the money we had received through fundraising had already been used to cover other adoption related expenses. We never expected that David would receive a bonus because he had only been at his new job less than one year. However, he did. It was more than enough to cover our agency fees. Another time, David was approached to do some side work for an old employer and that helped cover some of the legal bills we received.  If God says He will provide and make a way, He will. It’s as simple as that.

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That’s it for our story about Kelly and the Borg family. Please remember to keep them all in your prayers as they continue to navigate this lifelong journey. And… if  you’ve been inspired by CPO’s part in God’s amazing plan, you can help CPO by donating here. Thanks for your support!