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A note from Cheryl back in the Spring of 2010:

I just received the following letter from a young woman who went through our program in 2006 and made an Adoption Plan for her baby boy. Here is the letter:

To: Everyone at CPO

I am enclosing a love offering for the ministry. I want to tell you how much I really appreciate all that your volunteers, doctors, and prayer people do. I want to thank Christian Chapel for providing a meeting spot for us to be healed, loved, and accepted when we are needing to make decisions that would impact our babies the right way. I know this ministry was a Godsend for me. I was scared and confused, and all of the avenues of support had abandoned me when I needed to make a life-changing decision.

I enjoyed the mentors and the women who had already experienced adoption. It eased my mind when I listened to each one’s approach and decisions. Birth Mom Support Group was also very helpful. The lawyer was very understanding, and so was the Judge. Dr. Myers was “cool”. He was really an angel. I would like to thank Natalie. She was an excellent doula. I greatly appreciated her.

All of the services that you provided for us were amazing – including the doctors’s visits, clothing, medicine, shelter at the CPO Transition Home, counseling, food, mentoring and the Birth Mother Shower that you have for each one of us. I support all that you do 100%!!Thanks so much. – Silvia

As we celebrate 27 years of ministry this month, we praise God for all the young women, like Silvia, that He has sent our way. I am often in awe at how much He trusts us! We are entering a new era, with permanent offices and meeting rooms in our VERY OWN area at Christian Chapel. Please check out the digital sign that you will see just before you turn onto 76th, going south on Memorial. We believe that our strategic location will enable us to save lives of thousands of babies as their birth moms come into have a “free pregnancy test.” We also pray that we will have the opportunity to impact their lives for Jesus Christ and be their “cheerleaders” as they begin a new path, whether they decide to make a Parenting Plan or an Adoption Plan. We pray that you will decide to help us as we prepare to help these girls become all that God created them to be. Please check out the “Give Back” page and make a call to one of our Volunteer Coordinators.

In His Service,
Cheryl J. Bauman

Though it’s been almost seven years, the sentiments still ring true. CPO is still working tirelessly, fueled only by volunteers, to ensure that we can meet these girls and women where they are and show them the light and hope of Christ. If you’d like to help with this awesome mission, please visit our volunteer page for a list of areas that could use your help within CPO and contact information to get started.

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