TBT: Full Circle

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We’re traveling back to 2010 today to read Jenn Shupp’s story about how God brings things full circle.

It’s funny how things come full circle. During our second day of adoption training, we listened to a testimonial from Steve and Kelly Katsis. The Katsis’s family has adopted three transracial children and have two biological children. Their family was beautiful! They shared their amazing stories of three interrupted adoptions, two that failed and three that stuck. It was a tearjerker, to say the least. But beyond their remarkable story, there was something else that was even more astounding.

About five minutes into their presentation, Brandon leaned over and whispered to me, “Does Steve look familiar to you?” I nonchalantly replied he seems faintly familiar but couldn’t place the name or face. The next comment I heard from Brandon was, “He was your doctor.” Sure enough, Brandon Googled it and right there on his iPhone (big surprise) and confirmed that Steve Katsis was, in fact, Dr. Steve Katsis, trauma surgeon at St. Francis Hospital. Brandon reminded me that Dr. Katsis performed surgery on my neck during my medical trauma in November 2003. The bottom line was that this guy, sitting across the room, sharing his adoption testimony, had saved my life that day back in 2003. I really had to make myself focus on Steve and Kelly’s story because my mind and my heart wanted to wander back to the amazing thoughts and feelings of appreciation for the surgery he performed. So, I pushed through those emotions and intently followed the rest of the story. By the way, their testimony was heart-wrenching and very challenging but full of hope and joy.

After they had concluded their story and they were dismissed, Brandon and I snuck out of the room to talk to them. We shared how we knew him and what a vital part he was in saving my life. We all started crying. I kept thinking about how awesome our God is! This story really has come full circle. The day my life almost ended, God used this doctor to save my life. And now, at this training, we are seeking to adopt a new life into our family, and God reunites us with the doctor who made this possible. This is a beautiful picture of God’s restoration and how He brings things full circle.

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