New Adoptee Support Group

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We have some exciting news to announce!

Beginning in August we will offer an adoptee support group meeting!! We will meet the third Thursday of every month at the same time the adoptive family support group is meeting across the hall.

The last couple of years at the waiting family workshop we have had an adoptee panel and we realize that some of the struggles and joys that adoptees have experienced have been easier with support from others; including other adoptees.

Growing up adopted in the 80s and 90s I didn’t know anyone else adopted and looking back it’s something I longed for. To know someone like me. One of the great joys of open adoption is my kids not only see their birth families but also, through our involvement with CPO, have become friends with other adoptees. But as these adoptees hit 12, 13, 14+ (even in open adoptions!) we find them having some unique struggles that would be best addressed in a support group with other adoptees who have gone before them.
This group will be a safe place to ask questions of other adoptees, to express sadness and even anger associated with adoption. But mainly it will be a place to make friends with other adoptees.

We’d love to see you starting August 19th at 7pm. This support group is for any adoptee age 13 -113.

If you have questions please let us know.

Christina Domer
Assistant Director, adoptive mom and adoptee ?

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