No Regrets!

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By Sarah, Elise’s Birth Mother

Elise was born in 2007.  She is now 14.
She goes to a private school, she’s loves horses back riding, is very good at art and is talented at many things.

I was 26 when I got pregnant with Elise and now I’m 40. I made an adoption plan for her with The Sprangle Family.

I see Elise and her family many times a year, we visit at the house, and go to church events. I don’t regret my decision placing Elise for an open adoption. It was the best thing for us.
She is with an amazing family and has so much going for her.

I parented two boys, Tyler and Ryan, who are now almost 23 and 20. Both are doing amazing with their jobs and living on their own.  From the beginning we have always stayed in touch with the Sprangles and Elise. The boys do get busy with life but they come visit Elise as well as myself. Elise and I text, we will have a day where we hang out at the mall, go eat and go to the Main Event etc, and  visit the Sprangles at their home.

Due to Covid, I lost my corporate job. I’m contracted through a staffing company until the end of December and I also clean CPO business once a week.  I was in the medical field for 14 years.  I also, love to clean houses.  Contact CPO if you need a house keeper!

CPO saved myself and my baby’s life and for that I will always be grateful.
At the time I didn’t have any family who agreed with the adoption plan.
CPO was there for me the day I made the call to meet with them.
They provided free counseling, classes, and making sure the baby and I had everything I needed. For that I will ever be so thankful for. I’m able to watch Elise grow up and be apart of her life and that is a huge blessing.

I prayed and prayed for God to help me through this journey.
So with God and CPO it was possible.

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