The Unexpected Call 

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The Unexpected Call 

By Jessica Myers

Almost a year ago to this day, my dreams had been crushed of bearing children. (Shoutout to my husband, family, friends, and coworkers for dealing with my crazy emotions!) After grieving, considering our options, and lots of prayer, we decided that we were being led to adopt. We also remembered a conversation from when we were dating that if we were unable to have children, we would want to adopt. Adoption was God’s plan A for us and as we trusted Him, he revealed all of the details. We knew of an agency that friends had adopted through (ethical, birthmom centric, supportive) and when door after door kept opening up, we knew that’s where we wanted to apply to adopt. After getting our CPO paperwork turned in, we ordered our family photo album that included a two page spread of the dogs (haha). The photos are for expectant moms to look at to help choose a waiting family. I ordered the photo book and it took over a month to get to us. The day it arrived on our doorstep was the anniversary of my Dad’s death. The date made me cry because I always wish he was with me for life milestones and this felt like a hug. So life and work carried on as we were waiting to be chosen to parent a child/children. At first, I checked my phone constantly and then as time went on I became content waiting to hear from the agency. One morning, I woke up feeling the lavish love of the Lord, His kindness, and gentleness. There was this song called The Blessing that Kari Jobe had put out but I had yet to listen to. That morning I decided to listen to it. Listening to this song my heart was moved and I realized I still had some walls of protection up from our infertility journey. I decided to lay them down and open my heart to the blessing God had for us. I even texted my family and said, “Receive a blessing this morning.” And that night we received a call telling us that there was a baby that had been born that morning. We received a gift that can never be repaid from deep love and sacrifice. We acknowledge the brokenness and lean into the hard and still find ourselves grateful that when we trust in the Lord, he makes our paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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